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Golden Colorado

Golden Colorado

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Golden, Colorado is filled with a rich and colorful history. Early explorers such as Louis Vasquez, Major Stephen Long and Kit Carson came to the valley. Arapaho and Plains Indians also lived in the Golden area. In 1843, Rufus Sage, a mountain man, camped on the banks of Clear Creek where gold flakes streamed along the banks of the river. Soon after the town of Golden was known as a gold rush town.

Golden quickly became a leading economic and political center of the region. Golden was the center of trade between the gold fields and the east and the crossroads and gateway of important roads leading to the mountains. In the late 1800’s Golden flourished with flour mills, smelters, brick works, paper mill, clay and coal mines and the first railroad into the Colorado Mountains, was built.

David Wall was the first settler in the Golden area in 1858. He bought land, laid out a two-acre garden and irrigated it with water from the creek. By 1859, he was selling produce to the gold seekers passing through the valley. George Jackson, a prospector, discovered gold in the rocky canyons of Chicago Creek early in 1859. Soon the word was out and thousands of pioneers passed through the valley. Many of them came to the area with supplies and large wagons that could not be moved into the mountain canyons. As a result, many of them established campsites in the valley while others headed for the rich gold fields in the mountains.

During this time, a group of Bostonians, headed by George West, arrived in the Golden area eager to claim their fortune. However, when they saw the growing number of settlers at the mouth of Clear Creek, they decided to go no further. They built the first frame building that housed their Boston Company, and laid out a town that they called Golden City on June 20, 1859. For several years, Golden City was the leading town in this new Jefferson Territory.

Homes, stores and saloons were built and by the end of 1859, there were more than 700 citizens residing in the city. Coal was discovered at Leyden and on Coal Creek north of Golden. The first schools and churches were organized in 1859-60 and the first Masonic Lodge meeting was held in 1859. A toll bridge was erected across the creek at Ford Street named after the gambling tent owned by the Ford brothers. The tent was also used for the town’s first religious ceremony.

In 1860, local citizens built a mountain road system that linked the mining communities with Golden City. Weekly mail service was opened to and from the gold mines to Golden City. That year deposits of clay were discovered in the area.

George Pullman, who lived in Golden City, operated a gold and money lenderage in Russell Gulch. He designed and built the Pullman railway sleeping car with a design similar to bunks used in miners’ cabins and introduced it on his railway cars.

In 1861, the Colorado Territory and Jefferson County were legally formed. Golden City became the county seat of Jefferson County and the following year became the territorial capital of Colorado. It remained the capital until 1867. The original capital building, erected by W. A. H. Loveland, was turned into the Silverheels Restaurant that still stands today.

Loveland obtained a charter for the Colorado Central Railroad in 1862. In 1865, Colorado’s first railroad company, the Colorado Central and Pacific Railroad, was incorporated but the first train didn’t operate until late in 1870. At the time of incorporation, Edward L. Berthoud became Chief Engineer. The mountain towns of Black Hawk, Central City, Silver Plume, Idaho Springs, Dumont, Empire, Georgetown and many others were dependent upon Golden City for supplies. At first wagons carried the materials but eventually Golden City became an important rail center. Legend has it that there were approximately 30 trains passing daily through the switching facilities. However, in the late 1800’s, railroad headquarters were moved to Denver and Golden ceased to be a rail center.

In 1866, George West published the Colorado Transcript, Colorado’s oldest weekly newspaper, which is still published in Golden as the Golden Transcript. The name of Golden City was changed to Golden in 1872. The following year, Adolph Coors, Sr. founded the Adolph Coors Company. In 1874, the Colorado School of Mines was founded. In 1876, Colorado was admitted to the Union as the 38th state.

Two cable railways were in operation in the early 1900s. One went up Castle Rock where a dance hall was located and the other went to the top of Lookout Mountain where Buffalo Bill Cody museum is now located as well as his gravesite.


Golden, Colorado is the county seat of Jefferson County. Golden has a total area of 9.0 square miles. Its geographic features include North and South Table Mountains, Mount Zion, Lookout Mountain, Clear Creek and several gulches. Mount Zion is clearly visible, with a large white M, for the Colorado School of Mines college, and there you can see hang gliders soaring from the top of the mountain to the valley below.

There are approximately 17,400 people living in the Golden area with a median age of 34 years old and a median income of $56,250.

As of the last US Census in 2000, there were 6,877 households with the average household size of 2.31 and the average family size of 2.85. Approximately 3.5% of families and 11.3% of the population were below the poverty level.

With 255 days of sunshine and with the hottest month in July with average temperature of 74 degrees, Golden, Colorado is one of Colorado’s gems of a city. The coldest month is in January with an average temperature of 30 degrees and an annual snowfall average of 60.3 inches.


Golden, Colorado has something for everyone. From homes in the old town of Golden to custom built homes and subdivisions in the surrounding area. The median home value in Golden is $306,700. Approximately 62.5% of the homes are owned, 17.2% are vacant homes and 20.3% are rented homes.

Some of the lovely subdivisions in and around Golden, Colorado areGolden Ridge condominiums featuring two bedrooms and one or two baths for $88,000 to $105,000. The median price for homes in theApplewood Mesa subdivision is $501,120. La Chula Vista Ranchhomes range from $335,000 to $345,000. You can also find great subdivisions at the Briarwood Commons with the median home price at $349,900. North Table Mountain Village homes range from $375,000 to $399,900.

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Although North and South Table Mountains geographically separate Golden, Colorado from the Denver metropolitan area, access to the city is easy and quick via Interstate 70, or Colorado Highway 470 or U. S. Highway 6. Mountain recreation locations and the gambling towns of Black Hawk and Central City to the west are easily accessible by the same highways. Numerous county and state parks are located within easy driving distance.

Molson Coors Brewing Company located at 311 10th Street, Golden, phone 303 277 2337 dominates the Clear Creek valley just east of downtown Golden. Founded in 1873 by Adolph Coors, the brewery today is the largest single brewery in the world. Free tours of the brewery are offered daily from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except for Sundays and some holidays. You can take a shuttle from the parking lot at 13th and Ford Street to the Coors Brewing Company. Over 300,000 visitors a year tour the brewing company, and yes, you get a free glass of Coors after your tour.

Astor House Museum and Gift Shop located at 822 12th St., Golden, phone 303 278 3557. The Astor House was built in 1867 and was the first stone hotel built west of the Mississippi River. Listed in the National Register of historic places the hotel was restored with early hotel furnishings.

Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum and Grave located at 987 ½ Lookout Mountain Road, Golden, phone 303 526 0747. This is the best attraction in all of the Denver area and an adventure you’ll remember for a long time. The road to Buffalo Bill’s museum and grave takes you up Lookout Mountain road with fantastic views of the Denver area below. The museum displays include antique firearms and American Indian artifacts. Be sure to stop by the gravesite. The drive up to the museum and grave features gorgeous homes, country clubs and the famous Cody Inn restaurant serving Continental Cuisine.

Colorado Railroad Museum located at 17155 W. 44th Ave, Golden, phone 303 279 4591. Established in 1958, this depot-style museum preserves the history of the early narrow gauge and other steam railroads that played an important role in Colorado’s history. The collection includes more than 50 locomotives, cars, trolleys and more. About six times a year, rides are available.

Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum located at 16th and Maple Streets, Golden, phone 303 273 3815. Go back in time when gold and other minerals dominated Golden’s history. The museum exhibits extensive mineral collections from all over the world as well as fossils. Some specimens in the collection date back to the early 1880’s. You can also walk through a cave reconstruction to see how prospectors lived and worked.


Golden Gate Canyon State Park located at 92 Crawford Gulch, Golden, phone 303 582 3707 is a scenic 14,000-acre park where you can hike, picnic and camp among the forest areas. The park offers beautiful vistas of the famous 100-mile view of the Continental Divide from Panorama Point. You’ll enjoy viewing the gorgeous pine-covered hills, wildflower and aspen-filled meadows. Campsites are available for trailers, pick-up campers and tents. Campsites also include flush toilets, showers and laundry facilities. Over 543,000 people a year enjoy visiting the park.

City Golden Parks offers a wide variety of park experiences. Parfet Park, located just north of downtown, is the oldest park in Golden. Some of the other parks in and around Golden are Beverly Heights Park, Clear Creek White Water, Cressman, Discovery Park, Golden Heights, Heritage Dells, Hockey Stop Park, Lions, New Loveland Mine, Southridge and White Ash Mine. All of these parks offer various amenities such as baseball fields, picnic areas and the best views of the surrounding foothills.

Some of the exciting bike trails include Chimney Gulch/Windy Saddlethat takes you to Apex Park and with several hairpin turns up the side of Mount Zion and Lookout Mountain.

If you enjoy rock climbing don’t miss out on the natural outdoor rock climbing experience at North Table Mountain with many bolted and trad routes for you to discover.


Golden schools are part of the Jefferson County R-1 School District which provides public education throughout Jefferson County, Colorado.

Mitchell Elementary located at 200 Rubey Drive, Golden, has 516 students in grades Kindergarten through six grade.

Shelton Elementary located at 420 Crawford St, Golden, has 483 students in grades Kindergarten trhougth six grade.

Bell Middle School located at 101 Ulysses Street, Golden has 673 students in grades seven through eight.

Golden High School located at 701 24th St, Golden, Colorado with over 1,300 students grades 9 through 12 and is Colorado’s oldest senior high school.

Colorado School of Mines located at 1500 Illinois Street in the heart of Golden, is the oldest public owned institution of higher education. This gorgeous campus with original brick buildings interspersed throughout the campus is a public research university devoted to engineering and applied science.


First Bank
S. Golden Road & Ulysses Street
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303 237 5000

Wells Fargo- 
1301 Jackson St.
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303 861 8811

U.S. Bank 
1801 Jackson St.
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303 271 1301

Key Bank
1222 Arapahoe St.
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303 215 9615

Guaranty Bank & Trust Company
16800 W. Colfax Ave.
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303 296 9600


After almost 140 years of existence, Golden, Colorado’s economy is healthy and progressive. Recently the city has become an energy center for alternate fuels and electricity that advance national energy goals that will change the way we power our homes, businesses and cars. TheNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) located at 1617 Cole Blvd, Golden, phone 303 275 3000 is one of the top employers in Golden working on this alternative energy.

Molson Coors Brewing Company located at 311 10th Street, Golden, phone 303 277 2337 dominates the Clear Creek valley just east of downtown Golden. Founded in 1873 by Adolph Coors, the brewery today is the largest single brewery in the world and employs between 2,500 to 5,000 employees.

Colorado School of Mines located at 1500 Illinois Street in the heart of Golden, is the oldest public owned institution of higher education. The school offers degrees in science and engineering. With capacity enrollment of students from all 50 states and many foreign countries, the school is also one of the top employers in Golden, Colorado.

U.S.G.S. Earthquake Information Center is a division of the Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey and is located in Golden, Colorado. Their facility is housed on the campus at the Colorado School of Mines. The U.S.G.S. is responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards.


Xcel Energy
24-hour Electric and Gas Emergency Contacts:
Electric Emergency/Power Outage
Gas Emergency/Gas Odor
Web site:

Jefferson County
100 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80419
Phone: .303 279 6511
Web site:

City of Golden
911 10th St.
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303 384 8000
Web site:

Golden Police
911 10th St.
Golden, CO 80401
Phone:  303 384 8045
Web site: City of Golden

Jefferson County Sheriff Department
200 Jefferson County Pkwy
Golden, CO 80401
Phone:  303 277 0211
Web site:

Golden Fire Department
911 10th Street
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: 303 384 8094
Web site:


Downtown Golden area has many local retail stores for a fantastic shopping experience and with quaint local restaurants for a fun dining experience.

Colorado Mills located at 14500 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO phone 303 384 3000 offers shopping enthusiasts with the best brand names and outlet-shopping extravaganza. You’ll find Neiman Marcus, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, Saks 5th Avenue off 5th, Build a Bear Workshop, Banana Republic Factory store and much more. Stop and relax at the many fine restaurants or just enjoy the fun entertainment centers the mall has to offer.

Heritage Square located at 18301 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO, phone 303 279 2789, Web site: is a unique amusement park, theater and shopping village. With delightful Victorian architecture and an 1800’s Chapel still used for weddings today you will find plenty of parking and enjoy the retail shops nestled in the Golden foothills. For kids and for those who are young at heart come and enjoy Colorado’s best Alpine Slide, the “Fish ‘n Farm at Heritage Square” featuring 3 Go Kart Tracks, Bumper Boats, Paddle Boats, 36 holes of Adventure Miniature Golf, Amusement Rides, Ponies and Fishing, Heritage Rio Golden Train, old-time photos and more. Check out the Music Hall Dinner Theater and Children’s Theatre.

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