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Stone Creek Mortgage offers many loan products. We make it easy to achieve your goal of buying or refinancing your Colorado home and applying for a home loan is easy and simple. Just call me to get started or apply online today!

Affordable Colorado Mortgage Programs

No Down Payment Denver Options

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Adjustable Rate Mortgage ARMS

Balloon Loans

Less-Than-Perfection Credit Options

No-Docs/Stated Income

Jumbo Mortgages

Government Loans

Colorado Interest-Only Programs

Denver Non-Conforming Loans

Non Owner Occupied Home Loans

Manufactured Homes

Rehabilitation Loan

Reverse Mortgages


Colorado Secure Initiative FHA Foreclosure Rescue!!

Affordable Mortgage Programs
Dreaming about owning a home and need to search loan products? Checking to see if you’ve earned enough, or you’re hesitating because you haven’t saved enough for a down payment? Stone Creek Mortgage will find a great loan program for you, with an affordable payment, and little money down. Many of our Affordable Mortgage Programs are perfect for the first-time homebuyer and offer benefits, including:
– Lower rates to reduce your payments.
– Flexible underwriting that makes qualification easier.
– Low down payment requirement.
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No Down Payment Options
Stone Creek Mortgage offers many loan programs that allow you to purchase a home or investment property with little money down. (Normal closing costs apply.)
– 100% Financing – We still have “no down” financing programs available with a mortgage from USDA or VA. With an 80/10 loan, 80% of your home purchase is a first mortgage, and 10% is funded by a 2nd loan.
– VA Loans – 100% financing is available by the Veterans Administration, for loans used for home purchases.
– FHA Loans – When using available grant money, 100% financing with a FHA loan is achievable.
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Fixed Rate Mortgage 30 year/ 20 year /15 year/ 10 year fixed
Fixed rate loans are stable and conservative options if you plan on staying in your home for more than 5 years and prefer the stability of a fixed interest rate that won’t rise. A Fixed Rate Mortgage is ideal for the peace of mind in knowing that whether the interest rate environment is going up or coming down, your mortgage rate is locked throughout the life of your home loan.
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Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS)
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) could be the best choice if you plan to stay in your home less than 5 years, or expect your income to increase in a few years. Our Mortgage ARMs provide a lower start rate than a Fixed mortgage, which may mean lower payments. After an initial period in years (adjustment periods will vary depending on the program you select) the interest rate will go up or down based on market conditions and Index selected.
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Balloon Loan Program
These loans have the stability of Fixed mortgages for a time period (usually 5 or 7 Years) which is conditional on the balloon you choose. After the initial fixed rate ends, the remaining balance of the mortgage is due and must be paid in full. This is a good program if you will sell or Denver refi the home before the balloon is due.
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Bad Credit or Less-Than-Perfection Credit Options
Your credit history may not be great, but that shouldn’t be a big obstacle to your dream of owning a home, Stone Creek Mortgage has multiple home loan programs including FHA, that offer Affordable Mortgage Programs or Government Loans, which may just get you in the house your family dreams of. We are your Denver, Colorado home buying and refinancing lender!
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No-Doc/NINJA/Stated Income/NINA/ In Denver, CO
If you have excellent credit scores and you are buying investment property you probably qualify for a stated-income mortgage loan, which doesn’t require income verification or asset verification. You will pay a much higher interest rate. You cannot use this loan product on a home you reside in and significant reserves to qualify for this loan. These are typically used for home investors and fix and flip home buyers.
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Jumbo Mortgages above $417,000
If you are ready to buy a Denver luxury home or build your own custom home, Stone Creek Mortgage offers excellent rates for jumbo Mortgages (mortgage amounts above $417,000). We offer options from virtually all major mortgage banks.
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Government FHA and VA Loan programs
Stone Creek Mortgage can provide mortgages using FHA or VA mortgages that will extend to 100% or lower (97%) down payments. Underwriting requirements for these loans are more lenient than standard conventional mortgage programs – contact Stone Creek Mortgageto see if you qualify for FHA or VA. These loans can be used for home purchase, refinance and 203k home improvements. Many terms, and Fixed or Adjustable Rates are also available.
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Interest Only Programs
Stone Creek Mortgage can offer programs that allows the flexibility of interest only payments to keep your housing payment low and affordable. With “interest only” programs, you afford a larger loan and more house!
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Non-Conforming Loans and portfolio loans
Specialized mortgage needs require expert analysis. Stone Creek Mortgage has numerous programs available for long-term needs. We can help you obtain construction loans, bridge or mezzanine loans and property rehabilitation loans.
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Non-Owner Occupied Residential 1-4 Loans
For investment properties, we can offer investor financing for investment 1-4 family homes with fixed and adjustable ARM rates.
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Manufactured and Prefab Homes
Stone Creek Mortgage provides a few options for a mortgage on your manufactured home purchase. Contact us for the options that suit your needs.
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Rehabilitation Loans for residential and commercial properties

Thinking about buying a home that is a fixer-upper or needs a face lift? If so, Stone Creek Mortgage has a great loan program for you. Our rehab fix and flip loan offers up to a 95% LTV (loan to value), 1 year to improve your property and a 1 time only close. This is a fantastic way to make your home the home of your family’s dreams.
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Reverse Mortgages Colorado

Reverse mortgages are an option for homeowners 62 years old and over to secure a new source of funds to pay off existing home mortgage loans or other debt. Also you may use a reverse mortgage in Denver to finance home repairs and medical expenses. Denver Reverse mortgages allow homeowners to capitalize on the value of their homes and these special loans do not require repayment until the borrower(s) no longer use the home as their primary residence or upon death.
For more information about reverse mortgages in Colorado, please call Seth Taylor at (303) 573-1200.
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Refinancing Colorado
Refinance to lower your monthly payment or obtain cash from your equity. We have a variety of attractive refinancing options. All the programs above can be used to refinance your Denver Colorado Home.
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FHA Secure Initiative for the mortgage meltdown/mortgage crisis
Stone Creek Mortgage is now offering the Colorado FHA Secure Initiative to enable a homeowner to refinance many types of non-FHA Arms that have recently reset and have payments that are no longer manageable. The true intent of this initiative is to assist non-FHA borrowers who have been affected by rate adjustments and a reduction of equity due to the housing crisis in Denver. It is designed to allow homeowners to avoid a financial hardship after the adjustment or reset of their ARM home loan. An ability to repay a mortgage must be demonstrated to be eligible for eligibility to refinance into an FHA mortgage. In many cases, a homeowner will be permitted to include missed mortgage payments into the new FHA mortgage loan.
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